TEC-150 Tube Collaring Machine 
We have two identical T-Drill 150 machines for use in our workshop: 
These machines have a pulling capacity from 12m.m O.D up to 168 m.m O.D. 
Wall thicknesses from 1.6 to sch 10. 
With pulls throughout 360 degrees 
The entire T-DRILL TEC-150 process from pilot hole milling to collar trimming is carried out in a single workstation. 
Further advantages have been achieved by incorporating the latest technology. Our TEC-150 is able to provide increased productivity thanks to the improvements made in the tube positioning, handling and collaring operations. Smaller diameter collars of O.D. 21.3-26.9 mm (1/2”-3/4” IPS) are now also achievable depending on run tube diameter and wall thickness. 
Only one welded joint instead of three as with T-fittings 
Joint quality - less leakages - better flow -Higher reliability 
Less waste material 
Less inventory of fittings 
No cutting of Run-Tube 
Remarkable production cost reductions - up to 80% 
3-step operation 
T-DRILL Collaring method for tube branching by butt-welding has 3 steps. 
1. First an elliptical pilot hole is milled. TEC-150 makes the correct size according to parameters being stored to the memory. 
2. Once the pilot hole is ready, the milling unit can be pushed back position and collaring tool will be lifted to the TEC-150. Collaring cycle can be started. 
3. When collar is ready, the top surface of the formed collar needs to be faced to secure proper butt-welding. 
Technical Specifications 
Collaring range: 21.3-168.3 mm 1/2-6" IPS 
Run tube: 33.7-560 mm (1-16" IPS) 
Wall Thickness: See Capacity Chart 
Weight: 1000 kg (2200 lbs.) 
Height: 1800 mm (71") 
Width: 1000 mm (40") 
Depth: 1700 mm (67") 
Registered Address: Unit 4C, Boardmans Ind Est, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DL, United Kingdom, Tel: 01283216283 
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